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Simple, Affordable & Modular          Perfect for Residential & Commercial

Simple, Affordable & Modular          Perfect for Residential & Commercial

Off Grid SolarPod™
Standalone Systems

off grid standalone solr pod

The SolarPod™ Standalone is a radically defiant OFF-GRID Plug & Play solar photovoltaic system. The system is completely integrated with solar panels, inverter, charge controller, batteries, racking and cables, ready to provide you with clean, free, renewable energy.

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Grid Tied SolarPod™
Ground-Mounted Systems

grid-tied solar pod panels

SolarPod™ Grid-Tied Ground Mounted systems are completely modular — quickly and easily integrating into your existing electrical system. If your energy needs grow, additional SolarPods™ can be installed in series with minimal effort.

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Grid-Tied SolarPod™
Roof Mounted Systems

rood mount crown solarpod

SolarPod™ Roof Mounted Crown system is a revolutionary new HOLE-LESS sloped roof solar product designed for gable roofs without the need for roof penetrations.  Simply place a smartly designed panel assembly on the roof and begin streaming clean, green energy!

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Mission :  Solar for everyone.       Purpose : Smart meets simple.


What’s Your Carbon Footprint?

Use our unique Carbon Calculator to measure your impact on our planet.

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Purchase SolarPods™ Online

Visit our secure, ONLINE STORE to purchase Grid-Tied SolarPod™ or Off-Grid Stand Alone SolarPod™ Systems

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Do It Yourself Solar Power

How would you like to install solar panels in your home for as little as $4,000?

All SolarPod™ systems are quick and easy to install and will provide you with clean, free, renewable energy, allowing you to be smart with your money and sensible about the earth.

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“What is the right size system for me?”

“Does it matter what type of roof  I have?”

What Are Your SolarPod™ Questions?

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How Many SolarPods™ Will I Need?

Our SolarPod™ Calculator is based on your state and amount of energy you currently consume

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