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1) - $3,200 plus shipping; or,
2) - $5,000 plus shipping.
3) - Price varies from $2.75/W to $4/W.

PayPal Secured payment: Send an email to and you will get a PayPal credit card payment invoice. Your shipment will be there in 2-4 weeks.

You can also pay by check. Make checks payable to SolarPod/Mouli Engineering, indicate your shipping address and mail your payment to:

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Upon request, we manufacture an All-American-Made known as the . There will an additional charge of $1000 per unit.

What do I have to do to purchase and install a ?

has been meticulously designed to make purchase and installation as simple and painless as possible. Below you can read our step-by-step guide which breaks down the proces in a few simple and easy-to-understand steps. You can also watch the installation video below, which lays out the installation process from start to finish.

1. Determine your energy usage.
a. Check your electric bill and find out the monthly kWh. Multiply by 12. If you want a more accurate kWh, please do a statistic and check for the last 3 years your annual electric usage in kWh.
b. One can generate 1200kWh to 2000 kWh annually. This variation is due to the variation in solar incidence by region.

2. Determine available ground area.
a. Maximum energy is produced when the location has no shadow on the solar panels.
b. One requires a 14' by 6' ground space.
c. Measure your ground space.

3. Determine number of to install.
a. By Energy:
If your annual energy consumption is about 5,000kWh, then you will need 4 (5000/1200 = 4.16 * 4 ).
b. By space:
If the ground space available is 60' by 6' with southern exposure and no shadow, you can place 4 comfortably.

4. Hire a Master Electrician in your area. Master electricians will need to install wire. They will also install the circuit breaker, plugs and needed meters from the utility company.

5. Request an install manual to be sent to you and share it with the Master Electrician.

6. Have the Master Electrician call 612-424-5176 with any questions. Have the Master Electrician inspect your Main Electrical panel to determine space for additional breaker (two pole breaker).

7. Order the required .

8. The will be shipped to you. Unpack, and install. Install should be simple since all of the is prewired and tested prior to ship.

9. Make solar energy for 25+ years using the .

Watch Our Easy Installation Video


Call 612-424-5176 or email for pricing. Deep discounts are available for volume purchases!