Simple, Affordable and Modular

What are TM?

The , a revolutionary plug and play and modular solar Photovoltaic solution for meeting your home or business energy needs. The uses state-of-the-art materials and technology to achieve the very latest in compact, efficient and clean energy storage and delivery.

Our goal is to make solar simple and affordable.

The is lightweight, easy to install, and perfect for any application. As few as four can power an entire home. Adding units is as simple as attaching in series.

All are designed for Plug & Play solar photovoltaic or, in other words, minimal installation effort. We have taken great care in designing the system so it gives the highest performance, modular construction, and lowest cost.

There are three types of . You can view detailed information for each product by clicking on the products below.

(U.S. patent # 8,716,889)

plugs directly into a dedicated branch circuit 240V receptacle, and can be integrated easily into a building's electrical system. A single can power one refrigerator, one television, two light bulbs, three alarm clocks, and one radio. is also a smart solution if you either own or are thinking about buying an electric car. A single can provide enough power to run an electric car up to 30 miles each day!

(U.S. patent # 8,716,889)

If you need emergency power and cannot afford to stay without electric power, we have the solution. Our Plug & Play is the right choice.

comes with 920W of solar panels, an 1800W inverter, a charge controller, cables and plugs, two high performance 100Ah AGM batteries, and most importantly, all preassembled so you can enjoy the within a few hours of getting the unit.

is a revolutionary product designed for gable roofs without the need for roof penetrations. No more worries about the roof leaking and the often exorbitant costs associated with specialized solar panel roof installations! With , you simply place a smartly designed panel assembly on the roof and before you know it, you are streaming clean, green energy!